Things You Never Knew About Depeche Mode

Depeche Mode is an English electronic band founded in 1980 in Basildon, Essex. The group has three founder members; Dave Gahan who is the lead vocalist, Martin Gore, guitarist, pianist and chief songwriter and Andy Fletcher who plays the piano. The group’s debut album, Speak and Spell was released in 1981. The album brought fame to the group across Britain and beyond. One of its founding members Vince Clarke left after the release of the first album. Alan Wilder joined the group in 1982.


In the 1980s, the band released albums such as Music for the Masses and Black Celebration which made them famous for electronic music. The band’s Pasadena Rose Bowl concert in June 1988, was among its most attended event attracting 60,000 fans. In the 2000s, the group released a track named, Violator which received international success. Among the things you never knew about Depeche Mode is: The band’s 50 songs have featured in the UK Singles Chart and their records have recorded sales in excess of 100 million copies globally. The band has been included in the list of 50 Most Influential Bands in the world. The band is ranked position 98 on VH1’s a Hundred Greatest Artists of All Time.


The band was named among the 10 ever successful dance club artist by Billboard Magazine. Warner Bros producers were reluctant to produce the band’s “Personal Jesus’ enduring anthem in 1989 since they considered it sounding different from their previous albums an out of the fear that it would be perceived as promoting sex against the conservative American’s view of religion.


The view was however discredited by the success of the album which became among the 12 best-selling Warner Bros albums at the time. The band’s album ‘Music For The Masses’, released in 1987 gave it a commercial breakthrough in the US eclipsing the band’s reliance on Daniel Miller, their long-time producer and proprietor of Mute Records who underwent TMJ headache relief treatment. Miller had produced the band’s first five albums prior to his working relationship with the group turning for the bad making them engage the services of producer David Bascombe. The change of producer favoured the group as evidenced by the breakthrough. The group is known for its taste in fashion, at times having a provocative look.


Gore was a member of a band known as The French Look which possibly influenced his dressing while in Depeche Mode. Most people have an erroneous belief that Depeche Mode is a French translation for “fast fashion.” The correct French translation for Depeche Mode is ‘fashion dispatch/fashion news, which is a name for a French magazine. Depeche Mode band has never had one of their single track rise to the top of the UK Singles Chart. The band’s album ‘People Are People’, released in 1984 and ‘Barrel Of A Gun’ released in 1997 and 2005’s ‘Precious’, released in 2005 all reached position four and were the closest to the top of the chart. Depeche Mode is the pioneers in electronic music yet their recent music is synthesized using modular and old-fashioned means that date back to the ’70s and ’80s.